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This handy 300w Inverter allows you to run certain 220 - 240v products from your leisure battery.  It converts 12v DC output to 230v AC output.  Only devices that draw less than 100 watts continuous power should be used with the 12v lead, any higher and you could damage your campervan electrics*  For devices 100w to 300w Max the inverter should be connected directly to the battery using the leads supplied. 


As it is Pure Sine Wave ** it is suitable for more delicate devices such as mobile phones, laptops, printers, tablets, televisions, stereo systems, small fans, cool boxes, gaming consoles and of course, all of our projectors, including the Nebula Max, have been tried and tested. 


To use: connect the lead to the positive and negative terminals on the inverter and simply plug the lead into your 12v socket (either the leisure battery or the vehicle battery) Your device then plugs into either the UK 3pin or USB socket. 


*  This Inverter is not suitable for devices such as kettles, toasters, hairdryers, straighteners and microwaves etc. Generally, when a device creates heat it uses a much higher power consumption and would need a much higher watt  / larger inverter. 

**The alternative, Modified Sine Wave could lead to damage of these devices.



Off Grid Pure Sine Wave Inverter

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