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Have you ever thought how fantastic it would be to have a 50" TV in your Campervan ? Now you can do just that. The Nebula Capsule Max is a powerful but portable projector that is perfect for the Big Screen Experience, great sound and outstanding HD picture quality and up to 4 hours battery life, although the projector can also be used whilst plugged into the campervan provided you are connected to Electric Hookup. We have found a way to run and charge the Nebula Max through the leisure battery or from a power bank for off grid use, and our Off Grid Solutions are available as an optional extra as not everyone will need this (see products for details) 


The package is so versatile it can be used in many applications, including outside whilst relaxing in your hot tub or escaping to watch the football in the shed or garden room. What's more the projector can be used outside in the garden with a massive 100" screen for an amazing outdoor cinema experience, ideal for long summer evenings (100" screen available, see other products)


The Nebula Max Capsule has its own appstore, meaning that all of your favourite streaming apps can be downloaded, Netflix, Disney Plus, Amazon Prime and many more (subscriptions required).


Many holiday parks and campsites have free wifi these days or connect to your phone for a wifi hotspot to enable streaming or in the instance where signal strength isn't so good, download content to take with you onto the 16gb built in storage, which can be extended by the 64gb memory stick also included in the package.


The Nebula Capsule Max can also be used as a bluetooth speaker and gaming consoles such as the Nintendo Switch can also also connect through the HDMI port.

We've taken the time to put together the perfect package that has everything you need so you can just set up and start enjoying immediately.


Package contents :

1 x Nebula Capsule Max

1 x Nebula Capsule Max Case

1 x Pull up 50" Projector Screen with carry case

1 x Mini Tripod

1 x 64gb Memory stick

1 x 60" Foldable Projector screen with various fixings to extend use to outside of campervan / in awning


If you would prefer one of the tripod screens rather than the poptop screen, then just let us know when you order and we can include your preferred screen. See individual listings for sizes. 


If you have any questions before making a purchase then please contact us, we will be only too happy to help or advise.

Deluxe Campervan Package

  • Projector Included :   Nebula Capsule Max 
    Projection Technology :   DLP        
    Operating System:  Android 8.1        
    Resolution:   720p            
    Brightness ( Lumens ):   200        
    Speaker:    8W         
    Storage:  16gb        
    Battery Life:  up to 4 hrs        
    Keystone Correction : Yes - manual     
    Autofocus :    Yes                  
    Connectivity:  USB, HDMI, Wifi & Bluetooth          
    Bluetooth:   4.2        
    Image size:    40" to 100"        
    Throw Ratio:   1.2 : 1

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